Art town and environmental pearl

Randazzo is positioned strategically in the middle of what was once the Val Demone. An authentic environmental and architectural pearl, in the heart of a territory made precious by the “co-presence” of no less than three reserves: Etna Park, the Park of the Nebrodi and the Alcantara Fluvial Park.

Countless natural wonders are accessible from Randazzo, including: the Camisa Estate and the Santa Maria del Bosco Estate, the Beechwood of Monte Spagnolo, the caves of Grotta del Burrò and Grotta del Gelo, Lake Gurrida, Lake Maulazzo (1400 m above sea level), the Masseria di Monte Colla and the beautiful Lake Trearie Nature Reserve.

A wonderful group of splendid churches accompany the visitor on walks through the streets of Randazzo, the Basilica of Santa Maria (12th century) made entirely of lava stone, the Church of San Nicolò (13th century) housing noteworthy works including a triptych by Antonello da Messina, the Church of San Martino, which boasts one of the most beautiful bell towers in Sicily, and the Byzantine churches in Contrada Imbischi Acquafredda and Contrada S. Jannazzo.

Ancient gates and Palazzos embellished the town: Palazzo Clarentano, Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo del Marchese Romeo delle Torrazze, Palazzo Finocchiaro, Palazzo Lanza, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Romeo, Porta Aragonese, Porta Pugliese, the Portal of the “Casa Gentilizia” in Via Orto and the Portal of Via Fisauli (14th century).

To gain more knowledge of all the themes of this magnificent holiday, it is possible to visit: the Vagliasindi Archaeology Museum (inside Svevo Castle), which conserves a precious collection comprising, among other things, the famous Oinochoe with the legend of the Boreadi; the Museum of Sicilian Marionettes and the Natural Science Museum.