Wine, strawberries and chestnuts

Maletto, perched on the hillside, is immersed in nature, with beautiful landscapes running into one another.

Maletto offers scenery of incomparable beauty. Well equipped, with comfortable clothes and shoes, it is worth climbing to the open refuges of Monte Maletto (1700 m ) and Monte Scavo (1800 m).

A path leads away from the municipal Walled Fountain and crosses an area characterised by numerous “pagghiari ‘n petra”, refuges built by shepherds and farmers. Definitely worth visiting is the “Palmento del Campiere”.

The old town of Maletto is dominated by the Rocca del Castello, with the ruins of the 13th century tower and Palazzo Spadafora, the church of S. Michele Archangel, the church of S. Antonio di Padova and the Chiesa Madre.

The Strawberry Fair takes place in June and the Chestnut Fair is held in October.

Other characteristic celebrations are the religious festivals of S. Antonio da Padova and S. Vincenzo Ferreri, patron and co-patron saint of Maletto, on the second and third Sunday in September, while that of S. Michele Archangel, once patron saint of the town, is celebrated on the last Sunday of the same month.