Seven strips of lava and the rod of Sant’Egidio

People still say that Linguaglossa was built on seven strips of lava and that Sant'Egidio, wearing a mitre on his head and carrying a rod of fire, stopped the lava, saving the people of Linguaglossa.

If you don’t believe the story you can visit the magnificent Church of Sant’Egidio Abate and ask for information at the Monastery of the Dominican Monks or the Monastery of the Cappuccini Monks.

In the centre of Linguaglossa it is possible to admire several religious buildings of artistic interest: the church of Saints Antonio e Vito, the Church of the Carmine, the Church of the Annunziata, the Church of the Anime Sante, the church of San Francesco di Paola, the Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Chiesa Madre with Piazza della Matrice.

Also worth seeing are the Madonnina della Pineta, the Ethnography Museum and the Municipal Picture Gallery, Villa dei Vespri Siciliani and Villa Milana.