3 Days to follow a route from Giardini Naxos, with its coastal landscape of high artistic and historical importance, gives way to the green forests of Nicolosi, a true treasure to discover all year.

Day 1: Visit of Taormina, the "Pearl of the Ionian Coast". Among the most important monuments there are: Palace Corvaja, the old Sicilian Parliament; Palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano, Palace Ciampoli, etc. It is also rich in archaeological zones, not to miss the Greek Theatre (the second in Sicily according to its vastness, after Syracuse one), built during the Hellenistic period; the Odeon, construction of Roman imperial age and the Naumachie, grandiose works of hydraulic engineering built during the Romans.

Day 2: Departure by jeep to Nicolosi, known as the "Etna’s Gateway" because of its position at the foot of the volcano. Visiting the city centre it is possible to admire the "Mother Church", which bell tower is in lava stone while the facade is in nineteenth-style. Inside there are a valuable wooden crucifix dated back to '700 attributed to Cinquemani. In early afternoon a nice walk up to the Silvestri Craters, sites near the Refuge, or (with an optional supplement to be paid locally) will be possible to visit the central crater, climbing by cable car.

Day 3: Tour of the "Archaeological Park" in Giardini Naxos, "the first Greek colony of Sicily”. Here you can admire the remains of the city dating to 734 BC.